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In Memory of
Donna Jean Burk

I chose to become a Pink Lady because I have been personally affected by Breast Cancer. My grandmother was diagnosed in 1989. She had a double mastectomy and went through radiation therapy, but it was too late as the cancer had already begun to spread aggressively. My last memories of her are watching her lie curled up in a hospital bed with a shunt in her head to administer chemotherapy directly to her spinal cord as a final attempt to help her. She could hold me hand and know who I was in one moment, and be lost in oblivion with the blink of an eye. Grandma lost her battle with cancer in April of 1996. Miss you Grandma.

For My Granny
I can't believe that yet another woman I love is going through this!! I got the phone call
from my mother on 05/06/2002. She said that my beloved Granny was going to be having biopsy
surgery on 05/08/2002 because her last mammogram indicated a mass about one inch long in her
left breast. After talking with Granny, I felt reassured because if it scared her, she didn't
let on. Well, surgery came and went and the Dr. gave us a great deal of hope initially that
the mass would turn out to be benign. It wasn't. =(

Granny was contacted on 05/10/2002 and told that the mass was in fact cancerous but they had
every indication that it was found in it's earliest stages. A ray of sunshine. Well, she
made the decision prior to having her biopsy that if the mass was cancerous the Dr. would be
instructed to remove her breast and so the mastectomy was scheduled for 05/21/2002. Surgery
went without a glitch but it would be sometime before we would know for sure whether or not
the cancer had already spread to the lymph nodes.

At this writing (05/25/2002), my sweet Granny has been out of the hospital only 3 days since
her mastectomy and she has attended my cousin's playoff baseball games and high school graduation.
Whatta Gal!!

UPDATE (6/3/2002) ~ Good News! The report (not sure whether it's oncology or pathology) came
back and Granny's lymph nodes are clear. This is promising news but we are not out of the woods
yet. She will see her oncologist on Wednesday of this week to discuss any likelihood of needing
chemotherapy. On a personal note, I also found out that my greatgrandmother on my father's side
has Breast Cancer. That makes my grandmother and greatgrandmother on my father's side, and my
grandmother and greatgreatgrandmother on my mother's side. Talk about a wake up call. EEK!!

UPDATE (6/30/2002) ~ This is going to be a little more difficult than we had originallly hoped.
As it turns out, even though the doctor found Granny's lymph nodes clear and they were removed,
he also found more cancer cells in the area of the left breast which had previously been taken.
That means chemotherapy. =( Granny has already had her first round of the four that she is to
endure. She's not feeling herself and I can hear it in her voice. I really wish she didn't have
to go through all of this. I get so scared for her at times. Granny is scheduled for her second
round of chemo later this week. The doctor told her that her hair will probably have all fallen
out within a few days after she receives this secind dose. We sure could use a little good news.

Do You Know...
...that one in nine women will get Breast Cancer?
...that 75% of women diagnosed have no known risk factors?
...that every three minutes a woman is diagnosed with Breast Cancer?
...that every twelve minutes a woman dies from the disease?
...that Breast Cancer is the leading cause of death
for women between the ages of 35 and 54?
...that a mammogram is the best method for detecting
Breast Cancer in its earliest stages?

Sources: The Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation;
Women's Information Network Against Breast Cancer (WIN ABC)

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Here are my rules for cyber adoption. I will give you only the basics here, but I strongly suggest
that you make yourself familiar with CyberPet Netiquette (just click the name there =D) It gives a
more detailed explanation to these rules and I expect them to be strictly adhered to. Breast Cancer
Awareness deserves our ultimate respect and I would really hate to have to build a Hall of Shame. =(

You must have a webpage to be eligible for adopting a doll.
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but is not limited to, resizing, recoloring, using portions of
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You may not link directly to the doll. Once you are approved
for adoption, I will send the doll via email attachment. *A
word of caution for those who attempt to ignore this rule...
I will be changing the graphic name periodically and one day
you will view a missing image if it is linked to mine.

You must provide a link back to this page through the graphic
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You may adopt one or all of the dolls.

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